Online slots give you almost the same gambling experience as the ones in land-based casinos.There are two kinds of virtual slots- Video and Classic. All video slots are theme based, and have great sound effects, animation and graphics. Classic slots don't have stories, but remain eternal favourites among the gambling community. Both kinds of slots have symbols. Classic ones have fruits, candies,bars, 7s, etc. as their symbols. In video slots such as za-onlinecasino , symbols are based on slot themes. For example, an underwater slot would have fish as its symbols.

Online slots symbols

Generally, the lowest value symbols are Ace, Jack, King, Queen, Ten and Nine. In Classic slots, these are represented by fruits such as oranges, cherries, etc. High paying symbols in the latter slots are bars, 7s, bells and whistles. Different video slots have different high paying symbols. These slots sometimes also have Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers. You can win your slot by getting your symbols in a winning combination. But what happens when you don't get all the right symbols for a win?

Wilds help you get the right combination when a particular symbols is missing. For example, you might need 3 Kings on adjacent reels, but all you have is just 2 of them. Your Wild can stand for the missing King and award you a missing combination. Look up at your paytable to find out if you have a Wild. There are 3 kinds of Wilds. In a Stacked Wild, Wilds are packed together on the same reel. When a payline passes through this stack, you are likely to win.

Expanding Wilds are often found with Stacked Wilds. The former can expand in size and occupy the entire reel. When that happens, and payline passes through that Expanding Wild, you might win your game. Sometimes, you might land a Sticky Wild that sticks around for more than a spin. This Wild also helps you get a winning combination. Scatters unlock new and exciting features in your slot, such as Free Spins, Bonus Rounds or Bonus Symbols. Scatters are so called because they can appear all of a sudden in your game.


Slot RTP, Volatility and House Edge

Every slot is defined by its Return to Percentage score. For example, Starburst's RTP is 99%. This means that when you place 10 bets of $1 each on this slot on different occasions, you are likely to get back 99% of your money back over a period. Obviously, slots having high RTP are more attractive than the low RTP ones. Some slots have a combination of low/moderate and high RTPs. If you are low on budget, you can opt for the low RTP part of the slot .

  • Bet on all the paylines to improve your chances
  • Play a few games on the demo mode before playing for real money

House edge is the mathematical advantage that a casino enjoys over the player on a particular game. Every slot has a house edge and this may range from 2 to 15%. Some of the slots having the lowest house edge are Jackpot 6000, Blood Suckers, Kings of Chicago, etc. Volatility refers to how quickly can you win or lose money on a slot. A high volatility slot will help you win big amounts of money very quickly. On low and moderately volatile slots, you can win small amounts of money regularly.